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"The Adulys Republic" (Lore & Legacy OST)

"A Forest's Whisper" (Day) (Lineage W OST)


"Roman Heuser is an amazing composer. Not only because of the quality of his music and mock ups, but also because he always surprises me with his compositions; fresh and different keeping his own style."
Eduardo Tarilonte
Sample Library Developer / Composer
"I worked with Roman Heuser for the intro track of Inner Sanctum's latest release 'Legions Awake' and it was an absolute blast. Roman understood our requirements right from the get go and delivered an incredible product. A thorough professional, Roman is fabulous to work with and I will keep him in mind for all my future projects."
Chintan Chinnappa
Guitarist / Songwriter of award-winning Indian metal band "Inner Sanctum"
"I am incredibly picky when it comes to getting work commissioned for my personal projects. So when it came time for me to get an original soundtrack composed for my web series “Shrapnel,” I came across the works created by Roman. [...] He did not disappoint. Roman is an incredibly gifted composer who has an amazing ear for creating the perfect melodies and tunes. He does this by working closely with you, asking for details and maintaining constant communication with his patrons. [...] Music is such an integral part in film making and the character themes he has written for me has brought my characters to life in more ways than one. It has been a pleasure working with Roman, and I will without a doubt work with him again on future projects."
Mun Ki Kim
Stop-Motion Puppeteer / Moonshine Animations

"The Abyss Within"

Wrath Of The Servant


Game soundtrack composing:

  • Six tracks for the original soundtrack of „Lineage W“ by NCSOFT (2021)
  • Complete original soundtrack for „Lore & Legacy“, a tabletop game by Julien Pirou (2020-2021)

Online media: 

  • Composition of the OST for „Shrapnel“ by Moonshine Animations (2016-2022)
  • Custom composing for GermanLetsPlay (2021)

Music collaborations:

  • Album intro track & various orchestral arrangements for Indian metal band „Inner Sanctum“ (2015, 2020, 2021)

 Student Films: 

  • „Snuff“ by Dimitry Esper (2020)
  • „Petrichor Prime“ trailer by Dimitry Esper (2020)
  • „Utopia“ by Ina Farjam & Aline Pape (2020)
  • „A Helping Hand“ by Leonie May (2021)
  • „Finding Love“ by Leonie May (2021)
  • „Goldregen“ by Asena (2022)

Trailer Music Releases:

  • Full Album „Past And Beyond“ on Revolt Production Music (SPM Music Group) (2017)
  • 5 Tracks on „Adventuria“ by Hybrid Core Music (SPM Music Group) (2018)
  • 3 Tracks on „Drowning Abyss II“ by Colossal Trailer Music (SPM Music Group) (2017)
  • Wide portfolio on German royalty-free music publisher „Soundtaxi“ (since 2017))
  • Trailer music album on Music Blvd Group (2016)

Sample Library Demo composing:


  • multiple licensed uses of my music on YouTube with millions of views
  • Five full-length music releases, including a cover album of the OST from Terranigma (2021)

"Equilibrium" (Orchestral Cyberpunk Music)

"Ray Lucaria" (Tribute to Elden Ring)

About Roman Heuser:

  • composer from Aachen, Germany (born: 1989)
  • working on Logic Pro X with various top-notch sample libraries from manufacturers like Orchestral Tools,  Cinesamples, Spitfire Audio, 8DIO, Eduardo Tarilonte, Performance Samples, Project SAM and many more
  • diverse project experience, including composing for games,  custom trailer scoring, trailer music composing for Colossal Trailer Music, creating an original soundtrack for an animated online-series, sample library demo composing and other projects
  • music has been licensed in various projects, incl. short films, game clips & tv shows
  • releases on LA-based TV-/Movie-Trailer labels Revolt Production Music, Colossal Trailer Music and Hybrid Core Music
  • Experience in beta testing and writing demos for sample libraries (developers include SoundironEduardo TarilonteBest Service, Dream Audio Tools, The Last Haven, and more)
  • Bachelor-degree in Social Sciences (B.A. at RWTH Aachen University), Master-degree in Sociology (M.A. at RWTH Aachen University)



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